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Shell and Waze launch Asia’s first accident area alerts

Malaysians love a good mobile app, and where navigation app Waze is concerned, we’ve been ranked as having the highest number of users in Southeast Asia. Despite also being ranked the best place in ASEAN to drive by Waze’s own Driver Satisfaction Index, we could all still do with help getting around the urban sprawl, and to that end Waze has collaborated with Shell Helix to alert users of accident-prone areas.

“Using the crowdsourced data contributed by Wazers, we have identified the top crash locations that reflect the real situations on Malaysian roads. We are delighted to work with Shell Helix to launch this initiative that reminds drivers to stay extra safe. By reducing crashes, we also reduce traffic jams and this benefits everyone,” said Edward Ling, business manager for Waze Malaysia.

Shell is keen to further enhance road safety for drivers and travel with better peace of mind, via its collaboration with the community-based traffic and navigation mobile app, said Alex Lim, marketing manager for Shell Lubricants Malaysia and Singapore. Because the alerts function as pop-ups within the app, the alerts will appear on any Waze-compatible device.

“Shell Malaysia has been synonymous with various road safety initiatives throughout our more than 125-year presence in Malaysia. This cooperation with Waze reflects our desire to take our commitment in road safety to the next level by engaging drivers in real-time,” Lim said.

Shell Helix will also be running a special oil change promotion for Waze users with pop-up messages as indicated when approaching the accident-prone hotspots; this is only for the pre-peak period, which is before the week leading up to Hari Raya. For safety reasons, the pop-ups will only appear when the Waze user is deemed to be stationary.

By presenting the promo code which appears as the pop-up, users stand will receive a RM30 discount towards their oil change at participating Shell Helix-branded workshops and Lubebay service outlets at Shell retail stations.


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