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FMC Negeri Sembilan 42nd Anniversary Dinner

At FMC Negeri Sembilan’s 42th anniversary dinner, Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that from April, used car dealers will no longer have to go to JPJ (Road Transport Department) to temporarily transfer the ownership of vehicles they buy from sellers, making it more convenient for them.

Used car dealers will be able to do so online through e-STMS (Temporary Vehicle Ownership Transfer), to handle 4 different matters, being able to get the details of the previous owners, history of the vehicle, handling road tax refunds online, and getting the e-VOC (Vehicle Ownership Certificate) through the system.

To put these into practice, JPJ will be working with eAuto, a private company that has been working with the JPJ for several years to provide the online services.

He said that the system will run for 1 year as a trial period, and they will make improvisations wherever necessary. He also said that the online system was transparent and will benefit both buyers and sellers.

Anthony Loke also raised his dissatisfaction at eAuto, who said that they needed 6 months to upgrade the systems, when his ministry approved it almost immediately last December, and has set an order for them to finish the system in 2 months, so that JPJ can get it running from April.

FMCCAM President Dato’ Tony Khor Chong Boon, who was also present at the event, also announced the official launching of “JomCheck” to be put in place starting from 1st March 2024, to allow used car dealers to understand the past history of the used vehicle.

He said that with the assistance of the wise government and transport minister, it has helped FMCCAM a lot, together with their technological partner eAuto, helping to handle many problems arising from vehicle ownership transfers.

They have also gotten support from the Ministry of Finance, working together with Motordata Research Consortium Sdn Bhd, to develop the related systems, to properly verify the history of the vehicle.


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